Korail (www.letskorail.com) wrapper for Python.

This project was inspired from korail of devxoul.

korail is not working anymore becuase of a huge change in Korail API.


To install korail2, simply:

$ pip install korail2

Or, you can use:

$ easy_install korail2

Or, you can also install manually:

$ git clone git://github.com/carpedm20/korail2.git
$ cd korail2
$ python setup.py install


1. Login

First, you need to create a Korail object.

>>> from korail2 import Korail
>>> korail = Korail("12345678", YOUR_PASSWORD) # with membership number
>>> korail = Korail("carpedm20@gmail.com", YOUR_PASSWORD) # with email
>>> korail = Korail("010-9964-xxxx", YOUR_PASSWORD) # with phone number

2. Search train

You can search train schedules search_train method. search_train method takes these arguments:

  • dep : A departure station in Korean ex) ‘서울’
  • arr : A arrival station in Korean ex) ‘부산’
  • date : (optional) A departure date in yyyyMMdd format
  • time : (optional) A departure time in hhmmss format
  • train_type: (optional) A type of train
    • 00: KTX
    • 01: 새마을호
    • 02: 무궁화호
    • 03: 통근열차
    • 04: 누리로
    • 05: 전체 (기본값)
    • 06: 공학직통
    • 07: KTX-산천
    • 08: ITX-새마을
    • 09: ITX-청춘

Below is a sample code of search_train:

>>> dep = '서울'
>>> arr = '동대구'
>>> date = '20140815'
>>> time = '144000'
>>> trains = korail.search_train(dep, arr, date, time)
[[KTX] 8월 3일, 서울~부산(11:00~13:42) [특실:1][일반실:1] 예약가능,
 [ITX-새마을] 8월 3일, 서울~부산(11:04~16:00) [일반실:1] 예약가능,
 [무궁화호] 8월 3일, 서울~부산(11:08~16:54) [일반실:0] 입석 역발매중,
 [ITX-새마을] 8월 3일, 서울~부산(11:50~16:50) [일반실:0] 입석 역발매중,
 [KTX] 8월 3일, 서울~부산(12:00~14:43) [특실:1][일반실:1] 예약가능,
 [KTX] 8월 3일, 서울~부산(12:30~15:13) [특실:1][일반실:1] 예약가능,
 [KTX] 8월 3일, 서울~부산(12:40~15:45) [특실:1][일반실:1] 예약가능,
 [KTX] 8월 3일, 서울~부산(12:55~15:26) [특실:1][일반실:1] 예약가능,
 [KTX] 8월 3일, 서울~부산(13:00~15:37) [특실:1][일반실:1] 예약가능,
 [KTX] 8월 3일, 서울~부산(13:10~15:58) [특실:1][일반실:1] 예약가능]

3. Make a reservation

You can get your tickes with tickets method.

>>> trains = korail.search_train(dep, arr, date, time)
>>> seat = korail.reserve(trains[0])
동일시간대 예약발매내역이 있습니다.
>>> seat
[KTX] 8월 3일, 서울~부산(11:00~:) 16호 6A

4. Get tickets

You can get your tickes with tickets method.

>>> tickets = k.tickets()
>>> tickets
[[KTX] 8월 10일, 동대구~울산(09:26~09:54) => 5호 4A, 13900원]

How do I get the Korail API

  1. Extract Korail apk from mobile phone
  2. Decompile apk using dex2jar
  3. Read a jar code using jdgui
  4. Edit a smaili code
  5. Recompile a new Korail apk using apktool
  6. Key signing with motizen-sign
  7. Upload and run a new Korail apk
  8. Capture packets and analyze the API


Source codes are distributed under BSD license.


Taehoon Kim / @carpedm20

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